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As a youth prayer conference we want to make sure that our exhibitors get the most out of ministering to  young people as possible at JCI:worldchangers. For that reason we have requirements for each exhibitor that will maximize their reach while at the conference.


Engaging: Each booths need to have an element of engagement that creates an experience, highlighting the ministry that you represent. For example, if you have a photography ministry then the engagement could an instagram photowall or green screen , letting students be in the picture of missions around the world. We want our exhibitors to capture the interest of young people in ways that are creative.   

Relevant: This is a youth prayer conference so just be sure that your target group is in the age range of 14-18.

Other info:

JCI:World Changers registration is optional. If you choose to register, that registration fee includes all meals and conference activities associated with the appropriate registration.  Only resource providers who register may attend plenary sessions, breakout seminars or other conference functions.

Premium sponsorship options include:

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For more information about the being an exhibitor or premium sponsorship opportunities contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..